Guys, Try Pilates!

Men are constantly surprised at how much Pilates does for their body. While it seems easy and perhaps more “feminine” then they’d like, they are the first ones with their eye wide open and feeling challenged by this incredibly local muscle workout.

Our men clients at Pivotal enjoy the stretching as well as the strength training and all the ways we work out their core. Check out this article on what Pilates can do for men.

“Saying I am skeptical going into my first Pilates class would be like saying the Yankees and Red Sox are kind of rivals — an epic understatement. I’d walk past Pilates classes at the gym plenty of times before, always noting the distinct scarcity of male participants and yawning at the easy-listening tunes seeping out from behind the closed doors…”


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How Pilates Exercises Can Help Scoliosis

Over the years it has become increasing apparent that no two spines are alike. Scoliosis is more common than people realize. Sometimes we’re born with scoliosis (idiopathic scoliosis). Sometimes we acquire it through poor postural habits, accidents, leg length discrepancies i.e. functional scoliosis.

Functional scoliosis is treatable because it’s created through poor bio-mechanics and repeated incorrect movement patterns. A great way to find length on the convex side of your spine is through Pilates exercises. By stretching and breathing into those tight muscles we’re able to create length and opportunity for the spine to move into place. Over time it’s possible to truly help people with functional scoliosis. Find out more and watch the video below.


CANCELED: Event Benefitting Parents of Special People

Original Event Date: June 8, 2019 from 9:00am-2:00pm

This event has been canceled.

About PoSP

Parents of Special People, Inc. is a parent-run 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


  • Monthly meetings
  • Support and sharing of experiences
  • Information and education regarding your rights and responsibilities
  • in special education Speakers and workshops on various topics of need and interest – both to families and educators
  • Information on community inclusionary programs and events
  • Information on community-based resources and organizations
  • Updates on activities of Matawan Borough, Aberdeen Township, and the Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District
  • Updates on relevant state and federal government special education laws and services