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New Students really need to get a good grasp of the Pilates method to use the equipment properly and get the very most out of what Pilates is all about. If we muscle through our workouts and don’t incorporate the breath and the other principles of Pilates we are just doing a gym workout with Pilates machines.

Please take the time to learn what REAL PILATES is all about. Take advantage of the different ways you can begin with us.
We can’t wait to meet you and begin the journey.

Complimentary 30-minute Demo
Private Introductory and Group Reformer 3-Pack Specials
(Multiple package discounts available)

If you’re new to pilates, once you complete our mini series of beginner options take advantage of all of our beginner classes and beyond. We offer many Group Equipment options as well as Floor combinations.

Please call us for more information or just sign up for a free demo and get started today!


Students are taken through a choreographed 55-min Group Reformer class using other props for variations, giving a slow paced 55-minute class. Length, alignment and proper form is always emphasized throughout the class. Stretching, strength and endurance is addressed.

This class is a beginner flow of Pilates essential level and modified exercises to ensure proper alignment and ease of movement. Students enjoy a moderate pace with fun props making a great mix of flexibility and strength training.

5 Foundational Reformer classes are recommended.

This challenging Intermediate level group reformer class challenges the client on many levels. Endurance and stamina are required to keep pace and all core muscle groups are engaged and integrated throughout the series.

Props and modifications are used as necessary.

Experience is a prerequisite.

This Open Level Cardio-Tramp class has a faster pace and more jumping combinations with emphasis on form and proper body control. Instructor uses a combination of Pilates classic reformer exercises with jumping intervals and stretching.  This is good for the experienced jumper on both Jump Board and Cardio Tramp.  If you are a Pilates enthusiast looking for that little something different this class is for you! Some jumping experience required.

This is our NEW signature group equipment class. Students spend 20 minutes doing an intermediate level set on the Reformer. Then we move to the Tower for another 20 minute interval and lastly we come to the Wunda Chair for our final 20 minutes for a great balance and strength finish.

This class is open to experienced Pilates apparatus student.

This Pilates Reformer/Tower flow is focused on depth not speed. Fundamentals are what makes Pilates effective and many people like to simply roll through the movements with minimum focus on form and alignment. Each week students will flow through a group of exercises focusing on one principle at a time. Open to beginners or experienced students looking to get back to basic foundational work.

No prerequisites for this class.

This class is open to beginner and intermediate students. Delving into balance, breath & control, while keeping a pace, requires stamina and concentration.
Prerequisite: 5 group classes.

This 55-minute session is a combination of TRX, Pilates Reformer and other smaller pieces of equipment. Student get a total body workout

using th supportive system of the Pilates Method. You will work hard in this class!

The Cardiolates Class is a combination of using a Rebounder (mini tamp) while doing strength training intervals and Pilates moves on the tramp.

This class is very accessible to all age groups and fitness levels but does carry an awesome cardiovascular “kick”.

This Barre-Cardiolates class is interval training between barre work standing on the pliable and non-impact surface of the mini-tramp and Pilates core work. Cardiolates is great for your lymphatic, fascial, respiratory systems. We slowly building up heart rate followed by strength training moves on and off the mini-tramp.

Open Class to the fitness enthusiast!

The Reformer Super Stretch is about eccentric contraction exercises using the straps and springs of the Reformer. Elongation is critical as we age and joint preservation the focus of this series. Slow and sometimes intense moves keeping bony alignment and length whilst stretching takes concentration. This 55-minute Reformer stretch is an excellent once a week must!

This 55-minute fast moving class uses different pieces of equipment giving you a total body workout. Students are timed to move from station to station creating a bit of a circuit and cardio experience. Experience on Pilates machines is necessary in this class.


In this Building Block class we slow down the beat and focus on the local stabilizing muscles of the legs, arms, chest and abs. Taking our time to ensure that our clients can rest and reset, creating a more stable but still challenging experience. Barre Foundations will still challenge our clients but in a controlled and modified manner.

This class is taught by a certified Pilates instructor giving you a safe and effective workout!

This open Barre class is a combination of classic barre fitness, Pilates mat and body weight strength training. Emphasis is placed on proper alignment and form using props and other small pieces of equipment.

This is an intermediate Barre Class. 5 previous Barre classes are a prerequisite.

The TRX-Pilates Based class is focused on a 360 core experience, which means you’ll feel your torso from armpit to hip on all planes. We use the TRX as a tool to give clients that light support they need to do bodyweight resistance training. We focus on strength (both global and local muscles), flexibility, balance, and alignment.

This is an Open class but students should be aware that it is a challenging and vigorous workout.

Pilates based mat class requires a certain command and understanding of the Pilates Method of exercise. The instructor will take you through a flow of choreography with emphasis on breath, form and flow. We use props to create a dynamic and fresh class each week.

This InOOVative Pilates Mat Class is a combination of flow and concentration. Using the OOV at specific times to engage the core and for balance while doing interval upper body, legs and back moving you with proper bio-mechanics, and at a good energetic pace. This class is open to all Pilates enthusiasts!



Group Equipment Intro 3-Pack

Other Equipment Packages Group 5-10-20 Packs

Contract packages available

Private Pilates Intro 3-Pack

Other Private Packages  Private 5-10-20 Packs

Contract packages available



  • Core Muscle Anatomy
  • Comprehensive Mat Course
  • Basic Apparatus Training Phase I & II
Continuing Education
  • Pre/Postnatal Workshop
  • Shoulder Joint Workshop
  • Foundations for Beginner workshop


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