October 2019 Newsletter

Hey Pivotal People.

As we head into the holiday season I wanted to share some thoughts about something other than fitness 😉 As a matter or fact wellness is not just about fitness. For me, fitness falls under the umbrella of wellness and happiness. Happiness is elusive but we know it when we feel it. There’s a mental steadiness and a physical sense of well being. When we’re well, in the sense of whole, our minds are at ease, as well as our bodies. When we’re fit our bodies work for us, not against us. We are in union with our lives and a good fit for our work and obligations. Harmony comes to mind. When we’re well we like to contribute to others and we feel a sense of purpose.I hope you see the true value of fitness as it relates to peace of mind and wellness. Take care of yourselves this holiday season!

Join us in taking on our wellness with vigor, fun and companionship! Thank you all for being a part this awesome community.

September 2019 Newsletter

Hey Pivotal People.

Whew! I don’t know about you but as soon as Labor Day comes I feel the buzz of the new season. Kids go back to school, people come home from holiday, the anticipation of the holiday season is all so exciting. I feel so grateful and privileged to live the creative life I have. I love having you as part of it. You, my clients and associates have much to do with what inspires me to be better, do better and live a bigger life.

This fall we are introducing some really cool things. PIVOTAL PERKS, is a reward system that will give back for the various efforts you make, including purchases, attending workshop, referring friends etc.. Please sign up for this automated way to earn great rewards around town and in the studio.

We have added some amazing classes this fall so don’t forget to look at our EDUCATIONAL AND NEW CLASSES newsletter. Take a look below for more details on exciting events.
Much gratitude and health to you,