August 2018 Newsletter

Pivotal Update:
Hey Pivotal Fans,
In this issue, I wanted to talk about nutrition a bit more. The older we get the more we realize that is “ain’t just about moving”. If we are to reduce inflammation, chronic illness and excess weight we must address what we eat. I know you must be tired of hearing that! I know I am 🙁 However, hearing and listening are two different things…
So, with this in mind I am launching a Weight & Health Wellness Series, beginning in September. It will take place once a month to start, with the potential of twice a week if we need a bit more structure. This class is a “hub” of information, motivation, time to plan, think, discuss, exchange recipes and commit ourselves to something we all know we need to do.
Eating well is no joke. It is just as hard to quit smoking. It is tough to walk away from foods that we all know don’t work for us. You know what they say…”it takes a village”. We’ll were creating one!!
Each month we’ll discuss relevant topics, account for our month, recharge and arm ourselves for the coming month with tasty recipes, knowledge and commitment.
This is about health more than weight but hopefully we all lose a few 🙂 No judgement, no psychological probing, just support, information, community and inspiration. We could all use it!
I’ll be sending an individual email with the details, times and what to bring. I am so excited to create this structure of support for you.
Please call if you want more information. 732-256-3898
Pivotal Pilates