• Raising the Barre

    Step up your fitness with our beginner to advanced level total body Tone Zone workouts.

  • Inspired Movement

    Not only do we crave strength and endurance but with practice comes ease of movement, grace and a fuller range of motion.

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  • Fit for Life

    Pilates is an exercise recipe that carries you through the rest of your life.

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Pivotal is no ordinary Pilates Studio. We are a specialty fitness space where one can de-stress and build mind/body connection. Pivotal is a place where you can join a community of like minded individuals, young and adult, learning to get authentically fit, stronger, and gaining skill and competence in their abilities to maintain and build body intelligence. We have 5 divisions of fitness dedicated to individual needs and goals. Take a look and see if you fit into a series or program, or if you fit into a few we can tailor a fitness program to meet your needs.

In my opinion, intelligent exercise options are in short supply. If you’ve been injured or want to preserve your joints and spine, then a more focused and detailed oriented type of fitness is what you want. Even if you are fit and want to turn it up a notch, doing it safely and efficiently makes sense. I think we are past the days of banging away on our bodies for the sake of vanity. We’ll maybe there are a few more diehards out there! For the most part, I think we crave effective and intelligent exercise. Here is a brief breakdown of why Pilates might be for you.

If you are a beginner exerciser, senior or just want to slow down your pace and focus more on the mind-body connection try our Zen Den series. We will walk you through every exercise so that you know what to move, when to move and how to move your muscles and bones.  If you are an active exerciser or someone who is use to working hard than I suggest you visit our Tone Zone; offering high intensity low impact Pilates based equipment and floor work. If you need special attention paid to joints preservation or rehabilitation, or a compromised condition such as pregnancy or osteoporosis, check out our Joint Preservation menu. For the athlete looking to improve your game, swing, stance, speed, agility or mobility try our Athletic Conditioning.  Finally, but not least of all, we have a division dedicated to Continuing Education and Pilates certification and instruction. Here you’ll find ongoing education for the fitness instructor, Pilates instructor, the enthusiastic Pilates student, or anyone looking to deepen their understanding of how the body works in motion.


Zen Den: A Place for Beginners

Our slower paced Pilates routine. Perfect for beginners! Learn more.


Tone Zone: Next Level Fitness

For our fitness enthusiasts. Fast paced high-intensity, low impact programs. Learn more.


Special Populations & Joint Preservation

Customized programs for those with injuries,  postural problems or health conditions. Learn More.


Athletic Conditioning: Sports Specific

We offer sport specific training (horseback riding, golf, cycling & gymnastics…). Read more.


Continuing Education

Looking for a career as a Pilates Instructor.  Check out Pivotal Pilates and Kinected certification program. Learn more.

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  GROUP REFORMER CLASSES –   Monday’s at 11:30 and Wednesday’s at 10:30 and evening classes beginning September 3 at 7:30.   MAT CLASSES – Beginner Pilates Mat Saturday’s starting September 12 at 10:00 & Open Pilates Mat Sunday’s September 13 at 10:00.

FREE Community Mat Class!

Dear Pivotal Fans, Each year we certify a bunch of new awesome instructors through, The Kane School and Kinected NYC.  As part of their training they take on clients for free and offer a group mat class to the community. It is very exciting to see these candidates become competent and mature instructors. This year […]