June 2018 Newsletter

Update from the Owner:

This month we launched our Platinum Pilates Series for the 65+ population. What a great response we’ve had.

Working with older clients is
so rewarding and Pilates couldn’t be a more perfect match. The machines offer a safe, easy flow with support when needed. Clients enjoy the diversity and ease with which they can move and they love it! Our specialized classes create length, and a calming homeostasis in the body.

Pivotal PIlates has become a “Specialty” fitness and wellness space. A place where people who normally shy away from gyms, or mindless group classes, enjoy the education, focus and attention they get from our instructors and small group classes.

Take a look at our new Weight Wellness section below for monthly ideas and interesting facts about how you can implement health on a daily basis.

Thank you for participating with me in what ever way that you do.


In this issue….
Joint Preservation

We’ve kicked off our Platinum Pilates series and the feedback is in. It’s a hit! Come try a platinum class with us and enjoy the benefits of Pilates in a safe and motivating environment.

Exercise of the month
Bird Dog

This is such an effective pose. When cueing a client I like to cue all foundations in this pose. Shoulder stability, neck and ribcage placement, neutral pelvis and of course breath work helps to engage the TVA and mulitifidy (lower back muscles) A wonderful exercise for the posterior chain.