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 The body changes as we age. We need to change our recipe for fitness with it.

Pilates and the 65+ Population

It’s funny how clients migrate toward people their own age or instructors seem to attract them. I use to focus on the fit and 40, and before that the pre/postnatal client and now, ta da! While I’m not quite 60 my curiosity and maturity has taken my practice toward joint preservation, vertebral length and postural strength. I experienced great health and vitality through exercise most of my life and the more I read about the over 60 population the more I realize they might need it more than any previous decades before.

After 60 our bones become less dense and weaker. They are likely to break more easily due to loss off calcium. Some changes we see are the spine shortening due to the vertebral bodies dehydrating and the fluid becoming thinner and less dense. Tendons and ligaments become less elastic making our muscles and bones feel tighter, with less give. Cartilage that line the joints tends to thin partly due to wear and tear, making us more susceptible to injury.

My intention is not to paint an picture of horror, but human reality which we all face. There is no getting around the aging body. However, we can hep ourselves age more gracefully, prevent injuries and continue to move with more ease and comfort as we age. We all face a body that no longer does what it use to do but let’s keep working the system and get the most out of what we have.

Aging is a serious business. Those of us who want to keep our bodies hydrated, moving, flexible, stable and prevent falling by developing balance and strength benefit greatly by taking Pilates. Consider this article below comparing Pilates and other forms of fitness and the effects on balance, flexibility and strength.

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