Fascial Super Stretch for the Super Stiff

fe32ab68-ed03-4375-9714-c9ea76d12a57In this last decade a rising and relevant fitness trend is taking the fitness industry by storm. Fascial fitness is the study of the connective tissue that surrounds every bone and muscle in the body. It is like a huge sock in which our muscles and bones are held together.

Fascia is collagenous and strong, like a spiders web. Pivotal’s STRETCH CLASS is based on the incredible value of stretching and toning the fascia in our body. The class is made up of movement on all planes; flexion, extension, side bending, twisting and restorative poses.


This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness and stiffness. Athletes and seniors alike benefit from this total body stretching.

Come join this 75-minute class and make it a staple in your fitness routine! Sunday, February 26 at 9:30.