Pregnancy Workshop for Instructors

Calling all Pilates Iimagesnstructors or Fitness Professionals!!

This workshop will cover the basic anatomy of pregnancy, affects on the body during all trimesters both bio-mechanically and hormonally with tons of exercise recommendations and contraindications. Come join us as we cover the physiological changes that pregnant bodies go through including: postural deviations, diastasis  and common contraindications. The basis of this workshop is to inform the participants of changes in a pregnant client and most importantly how to make her feel confident and strong in her body before motherhood. We look forward to continuing to be useful for our clients and community.

Call the studio to find out more information on this exciting workshop.  732-256-3898

April 22, 2017 10:00-6:00pm

Shoulder Stability/Mobility


This workshop is for the movement professional who wants to gain more technical skill in caring for shoulder impaired clients. Included in this workshop will be a brief lecture on muscle anatomy as well as the connective tissue surrounding the shoulder complex, followed by exercises on Pilates equipment and Mat helping to rehabilitate and return the shoulder to its proper functioning.

June 10 ,2017  10am – 4pm

Instructor: Susan Markowitz, Owner Pivotal Pilates, Kane School Instructor Trainer.



Fascial Super Stretch for the Super Stiff

fe32ab68-ed03-4375-9714-c9ea76d12a57In this last decade a rising and relevant fitness trend is taking the fitness industry by storm. Fascial fitness is the study of the connective tissue that surrounds every bone and muscle in the body. It is like a huge sock in which our muscles and bones are held together.

Fascia is collagenous and strong, like a spiders web. Pivotal’s STRETCH CLASS is based on the incredible value of stretching and toning the fascia in our body. The class is made up of movement on all planes; flexion, extension, side bending, twisting and restorative poses.


This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness and stiffness. Athletes and seniors alike benefit from this total body stretching.

Come join this 75-minute class and make it a staple in your fitness routine! Sunday, February 26 at 9:30.

Pilates Certification

home-con-edWe are offering a full Pilates certification course right here at Pivotal Pilates! I chose THE KANE SCHOOL and The Kinected Center because I feel that Pilates, when taken deeper into bio-mechanics, injuries and special populations, can really help people heal and workout pain free. The Kane School Certification has more components in it that address these issues than most Pilates certifications out there.  It goes beyond just teaching choreography. I feel it has many advanced teaching components and techniques readily available as soon as the instructors graduate.

Please call Pivotal Pilates for dates, fees and times.